Professional Projects

Seekers of the Ancient - Multiplayer RPG (PC) - Unreal Engine 5
I was a Technical Designer My duties included:

  • Designing and implementing of over 400 unique talents that were broken into 10 archetypes.
  • NPC combat design and implementation. Involving scripted combat, animations, loot and set up.
  • Balancing PvP and PvE interactions.
  • Designing and implementing a progression curve for 48 stats and over 1000 pieces of unique gear.
  • Designing and implementing 8 life skills that all interacted with each other to create a new form of progression for the player.
  • Implementing new UI
  • Various C++ or Blueprint programming tasks.

Overall, I spent most of my time being the primary designing to implement any new ideas into Unreal and collaborate with teammates.

Combat Design

My primary job with the combat design was to work with another designer to create a Talent Tree that comprised of 10 unique archetypes. Each archetype is made up of Spells and Talents. Talents influence the outcome of the spell. All archetypes need to work with each other to allow players to create their own style. I was also responsible for preparing and communicating all of the spells and talent to be scripted by the lead programmer if it was necessary. Otherwise I would implement them with the systems we already created. You can view some of the spells that I worked on in the video below and a snippet of the whole archetype.